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Do you have a leaky tap in your kitchen sink, or a water heater that demands repair? Well, we’ve all been there. A plumbing issue causes a lot of frustration and inconvenience. For starters, calling a Chicago plumbing company can cost anywhere from $180 - $489. Also, you’ll need to take a day off from work to attend the plumbing services in Chicago, IL. Naturally, several homeowners feel taking plumbing matters into their own hands is a better alternative and resort to DIY Plumbing in Chicago.

Well, in all honesty, we understand why DIY plumbing is tempting — it comes with the thrill of tackling a problem head-on while saving a few bucks. However, Chicago’s plumbing system can be as complex as crossing the city streets. You must think twice before diving into the whole DIY plumbing business, or better, leave it to professional 5-star plumbers near me

Here are the top seven reasons why you should not take up DIY plumbing projects around your household and trust the best plumbers in Chicago.

Why Shouldn’t You Do Your Plumbing in Chicago, IL?

Chicago plumber inspecting and repairing a kitchen faucet

Lack of Expertise and Knowledge

When it comes to the intricate plumbing systems of your Chicago home, you need someone who knows what they’re doing. Professional plumbers dedicate themselves to honing their plumbing skills. With a solid understanding of the complexities of residential plumbing systems, they diagnose the root cause of the issue. 

You might have tried your hands at DIY plumbing before. Or have watched YouTube videos or flipped magazine pages to fix common plumbing issues. However, you don’t have the expertise or experience the best plumbing companies in Chicago do. 

Trying to fix plumbing problems yourself can do you more harm than good. Without the right skills and knowledge, your DIY project can result in further damage, additional expenses, and even safety hazards.

Ineffective Solutions

There's a world of difference between a quick plumbing fix and a long-lasting solution. Even if you’re confident in your DIY abilities, are you sure they are the most effective treatment for your plumbing issues?

YouTube and TikTok influencers might lead you to believe DIY plumbing is not hard and needs just a quick few steps. However, every plumbing issue has a myriad number of ways to fix it. Only the best plumbing companies can implement the most effective and affordable solutions.

Quick DIY fixes or temporary solutions are like slapping a band-aid on your plumbing issues. But professional plumbers near me in residential space diagnose the underlying complexities that an untrained eye can miss. 

Lack of Proper Tools and Equipment

The right tools are the lifeline of any plumber. Be it simple fixes, complicated repairs, or heavy installations, plumbing requires specialized equipment to carry on the tasks. 

As a DIY plumbing enthusiast, you might not even have the most basic tools to start with plumbing jobs. And if you’re thinking about investing in a DIY plumbing kit, know that even the most basic ones can be costly. Moreover, it might not even come with everything you might need. From pipe cutters and wrenches to drain snakes and pipe cameras to propane torches and tongue-and-groove pliers, there’s a whole world of tools that you might not even access without the right expertise. 

On the other hand, expert plumbers near me, even when urgent, come equipped with a wide range of specialized and high-performance tools designed specifically for plumbing tasks. 

Costly Consequences

DIY plumbing repairs without the necessary expertise expose you to the risk of making mistakes or overlooking underlying issues. For example, a minor leak in the kitchen sink you attempted to fix could worsen over time. It can cause water damage to surrounding areas or lead to mold growth. 

You see, the cost of repairing such damage can far surpass what you would have initially spent on hiring a professional plumber near me in Chicago.

Enhanced Damage Risk

Imagine - your water heater is not working, and you decide to replace it and install a new one. However, you end up mishandling the gas connections, leading to a dangerous gas leak. Now you have put yourself, your family, and your property at a dangerous risk of explosion.

If you attempt to solve a plumbing problem on your own, you might make a small issue much worse. Before you know it, a seemingly innocent DIY mistake can turn into severe repercussions. If you handle a misaligned pipe connection, an overtightened valve, or an improper seal wrongly, it can lead to structural damage to your beloved Chicago home. 

Therefore, Google plumbers near me to replace the water heater and find Velox Plumbing to help you install water heaters. 

Causes Safety Concerns

Plumbing does not seem to be a dangerous job but it can involve hazardous materials, complex systems, and potentially risky situations. If you google 24-hour plumbers near me in Chicago, you’ll find expert plumbers who prioritize safety and are trained to handle complex plumbing tasks. They ensure your plumbing needs are met without compromising safety.

If you take over the plumbing issues, you can hurt yourself. Some problems require handling complex plumbing tools and equipment. For instance, power tools like pipe cutters or augers require proper training and precautions to use safely. 

So, instead of trying DIY Plumbing in Chicago, keep yourself safe by looking for plumbers near me that work weekends and let the professionals handle your complex plumbing systems.

Non-Compliance with Legal Regulations

Whether you’re looking for plumbers near me to replace toilets, plumbers near me to unclog toilets, or plumbers near me to unclog a drain, every professional plumber adheres to local plumbing codes and regulations. Be it building code for plumbing installations or repair, they ensure every task is done in compliance with the established standards.

However, when you go DIY, you can unknowingly violate these codes, resulting in legal issues and complications when selling or renting your property. Moreover, you’d fail at keeping your system safe, efficient, and up to code.

Closing Remarks

For the self-reliant Chicagoans, DIY plumbing might seem appealing. But it may probably lead to further damage, safety hazards, and code violations. So rely on our experienced local plumbers near me and get free estimates. At Velox Plumbing, we offer 24-hour emergency plumbing services with reliable and skilled plumbing technicians. So instead of trying DIY Plumbing in Chicago, request a free price quote now to get top-notch plumbing solutions in Chicago.

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